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Fondation Jean Robert Cius, Inc. (FJRC) is a 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) non-profit organization founded with the ultimate mission to empower the underserved for a better global society. For that purpose FJRC creates programs and activities that strive to instill or restore a sense of hope and oriented purposes  in those that we ought to serve. Followed are our core programs:
  • Marketplace (OBAMACARE) Enrollment Assistance

 “Be Smart! Get Covered!”: This program targets the caribbean community, especially the Haitian community in  South Florida, with the objectives of providing them with health insurance education (…click here)

  • HIV Counseling, Testing and Referral

“Positive Square”: Florida is one of the 3 states in the nations that have the most reported cases of HIV/AIDS. This program provides our consumers with sexual health and  behavioral education through counseling (…click here)

  • Economic Development

Financial Literacy: through this program we provide personal finance education to our consumers with the objectives of helping them to develop the habits of saving, spending responsibly, and investing in order to become debt free, self sufficient and financially independent.

  • Immigration & Refugee Assistance

The “MALLS”: Which stands for Migration Assistance for Lost of Legal Status is a program that develops partnership with other immigration assistance organizations in order to provide our consumers with (…click here)

  • Free Tax Preparation Services  with ITIN Application                                                                                               Free Pregnancy Tests and Services
  • Translation and Interpretation Services
  • Voter Registration
  • Application, Referral and Linkage to Governmental Programs and Services
    • Florida Medicaid, Food Stamps, and TANF
    • Florida KidCare Application Assistance

All of our programs and activities have a common goal that is to improve the lives of the ones we serve by providing them with necessary skills, knowledge and abilities which in term will empower them for a better community/society.

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